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The Process

From sourcing to packaging and delivery, our entire production process is geared to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction. We source fruits and vegetables from nearby orchards and nearby farms. We enjoy strong and long-lasting relationship with the agriculture community which makes it possible for an uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Frozen Fruit / Vegetable Processing and Freezing: Prepared vegetables are transported to a common processing line for blanching, cooling and inspection. Tropical fruits are prepared into cubes/slices/chunks and frozen by IQF method. Fruits are also processed into purees/concentrates/juices and frozen as blocks or bulk frozen in drums.

Aseptic Processing and Packaging: At Capricorn, we pay special attention to packaging. It is an intrinsic part of the total quality management. Different kinds of tropical fruits are processed using fully operational, sophisticated machinery and equipment.

Packing material is sourced from reputed vendors and packaging is done in ASEPTIC bags from 20 litre to 1000 litre packs and OTS cans. We follow ISO 9001-2000 standards for ensuring the quality of our processed foods.
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